The Cheapest Places to Travel by Month

The Cheapest Places to Travel by Month

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If you’re looking for slashed prices and low rates for your next trip, it all depends on the month you book your vacation. Here’s your monthly travel guide for the best international and domestic places to visit throughout the year.


The perfect time to visit Melbourne is during its summer months, but particularly in January. The room rates are cheap as dirt. Just make sure you bring your sunscreen to lather up before you head outside!
Same happens with Los Angeles.


During this time of year, in Hong Kong you can enjoy some awesome attractions, including the Spring Lantern Festival and very cheap hotel rooms, that changing of destination, will be 40% cheaper in Honolulu.


With a perfect temperature, Buenos Aires is the perfect international destination in March. To top it off, hotels average a nightly rate of just $55. You can easily stay a week without breaking the bank!
Inside the U.S., Arizona will be waiting for you with the Grand Canyon.


You’ll miss the busy tourist season if you book your vacay to Copenhagen in April. Hotel rates drop by 38%. So you’ll have some extra cash for souvenirs and to pay for a guided tour through the Rosenborg Castle.
Inside the U.S., Chicago will offer you the best weather, enjoy it!


London is super duper cheap during the May. The average hotel will cost you $216 per night. It’s a small price to pay to visit one of the global empires of the world.
While in the US Fort Lauderdale will be waiting for you with its perfect climate, no hurricanes and cheap hotels.


There will be fewer tourists in Beijing during the month of June, and hotel prices are on the decline. You’ll spend about $80 per night on average, so go ahead and splurge on some luxury accommodations!
Here, in San Antonio, Texas you’ll experience best weather and cheap hotels.


In Sydney temperatures reach the upper-60s, and you can save a lot of cash on your lodging cause hotel prices dip 44% percent on average.
Inside the U.S., Boston will show you rich history, stunning architecture, and a Samuel Adams plus cheap hotels.


Berlin since you’ll be saving cash on your hotel, you’ll have some money leftover to explore all the city has to offer, including the historical Museum für Naturkunde.
In New York, you’ll enjoy the summer events the city has to offer, and… most of them are free!

Rome will offer you four-star hotel rooms that rent for $131 per night on average.
In Orlando, aside from Disney World, prices dip with a 40% decrease from peak season.

Whether you’re going whale watching, visiting a winery, or staying at a quaint bed and breakfast, you’ll enjoy every minute of your stay in Cape Town.
While in New Orleans, you’ll find the cheapest time and Halloween!


With temperatures in the 80s, it’s the perfect time to pack up your swimsuit and head off to Rio de Janeiro. Hotel prices are 37% lower than during the most popular season in December.
Also in San Francisco, hotels will drop 50%!


Frankfurt is the cheapest it will ever be. You can find a hotel that’s 56% cheaper during this time, so why not pay a visit during the holiday season?
Here, Las Vegas turns into a ghost town. The weather can be iffy, and you might have to deal with cold temperatures and rain, hotels will be cheaper,and the casinos will still be there!

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