11 Cheapest Travel Destinations You NEED TO VISIT NOW

11 Cheapest Travel Destinations You NEED TO VISIT NOW

You don’t need to be the richest to travel the world, 11 beautiful destinations that you can visit & they’re cheap so a budget is safe.

5. Bolivia
Bolivia is one of the most misunderstood countries in South America, and is also one of the cheapest countries to visit. Rich with culture and experiences, Bolivia offers some of the most incredible sights in the world, and at a miniscule price. Traveling in Bolivia can occasionally be a bit uncomfortable as it is not properly set up for tourism, but if you are prepared to rough it a bit, you will have the experience of a lifetime. You can enjoy sights like the amazing Salar de Uyuni salt flats on a two day tour for less than $130 for both days. There is also a collection of museums that you can visit, such as the former home of Pedro Domingo Murillo, who was a leader during the 1809 La Paz Revolution. The cost to visit all of the museums is just $1. Bolivia offers some of the cheapest food and drink in the whole of South America, where a Paceña beer costs less than $2, and a bowl of hearty potato soup costs about the same.

4. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is often disregarded as a holiday destination, but is has a lot to offer, from some of the most tranquil secluded beaches in Europe, to charming little towns – and all at surprisingly low prices. Small towns such as Varna on the coast, and ancient cities such as Plovdiv offer rich culture and beautiful vistas. There are also many exquisite mountain ranges that you can discover on foot or by bicycle. In the last few years Bulgaria has become a favorite among British travelers, as the Black Sea resorts offer incredibly low prices, and offer facilities comparable to those in destinations such as Spain. Bulgaria is considered an amazing city holiday location, where you can enjoy delicious food, kind company, strong drinks and a comfortable bed in beautiful accommodations for as little as $45 per day.

3. Cambodia
Cambodia is one of the most popular places to visit in Southeast Asia, and also one of the cheapest. Backpackers and luxury holiday makers can both spare their bucks when traveling in Cambodia. Hostels can cost as little as $3.50 per night; and many boutique hotels offer beautifully decorated rooms with modern luxuries, and swimming pools from $65 per night for 2 people sharing. Cambodia is rich in culture and history, with many iconic historical sites, such as the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, which is a UNESCO World heritage site, and has been declared an official Wonder of the World. At $63, the three-day ticket to the park is a bit pricier in comparison to other costs in Cambodia, but when spread out over the three days, it works out to be well worth it – there are so many temples to see, and a one day pass is a bit short to see it all.

2. India
India has always been a favorite for travelers on a budget, and there are very few countries in the world that you can travel so broadly and eat so well for such a low cost. The temple town of Gokarna has spectacular beaches that could contend with the best in the world, and also features sacred sites like Mahabaleshwar Temple, which has a shrine dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva. At Mumbai’s street markets and stalls, you will find the most amazing kebabs and other authentic Indian food. The Golden City of Jaisalmer offers you the adventure of a lifetime, where you can explore the sands of the Thar Desert, which seem to go on forever. Even when traveling first class on trains, and using taxi services, you enjoy a budget holiday for as little as $20 per day, including your accommodation in a hostel, transport, and food, as long as you eat the local meals.

1. Vietnam
Vietnam should be on the top of everyone’s budget travel list. With its vivid landscapes, rich history, amazing food and lively energy, Vietnam will astonish you, grabbing you from all angles, simultaneously energetic and tranquil. Vietnam most amazing asset is its inspiring countryside – from the limestone karst topography to the waterways and paddy fields, with beautiful beaches and busy cities spotted in between. Vietnam also has some of the best cuisine in the world, where you can enjoy a bowl authentic pho for as little as $2 while getting to know the locals. Although Vietnam has risen in popularity as a top tourist destination in the last decade, most of the country is left undeveloped and unchanged, and is the best destination for budget traveling. You can easily enjoy the verdant mountains and stunning white sandy beaches while spending very little money. As little as $13 per day will cover your accommodation in a guest house, local food, travel costs, and drinks, such as Bai Hoi, Vietnam’s most well-known beer, which costs less than $1.